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Antonio Cristiano was born in Naples (Italy) in the family of artisans. His father was a cabinetmaker and his mother a seamstress. His paternal grandfather Nicola Cristiano was renowned designer and shoemaker. In the 30s he made shoes for the Savoy family, who lived in Naples at that time.

Antonio at an early age demonstrated his artistic talent. Design and painting were what marked his artistic future. He graduated first at the Filippo Palizzi Institute of Art in Naples as Art Master in Pictorial Decorator; and then – Naples Academy of Fine Arts, Scenography sector.

The scenographic experience brought him closer to the world of shoes. First he designed and made shoes for the Opera and later his love for tango led him to investigate about dance shoes. He collaborated with a little family company in the South of Italy, working with an old shoemaker and then travelled to Argentina to improve his skills in dance shoes.




After almost 10 years of working mostly with private orders, we have finally opened the doors to the public. In 2016 Antonio Cristiano with a small team of footwear professionals inaugurated his workshop store in the Born neighbourhood in the heart of Barcelona city. Each customer there can buy ready-made shoes or order and customize their own shoes.


The shoes of Antonio Cristiano can be defined unique by the design and by the way of manufacturing, one by one they are completed with the hands. These shoes are made exclusively with high quality leather that makes them soft, flexible and resistant. They are designed so that you feel comfortable all the day or night long. Since the shoes are handcrafted, they can be made to measure with the preferred textures and colours, just like the shoemakers worked once in the old days.

I am very happy with my new tango shoes custom-made by Antonio. They are very soft and comfortable and he has a great variety of fashion leather to choose from.

Alice Olea

They are amazing!!! I was in Barcelona and I happen to stop in. It is AMAZING! My shoes are gorgeous and I designed them!!! What is not to love????

Patricia Forlong Barta

У Antonio Cristiano заказал уже ни одну пару обуви!) Стильные, очень мягкие, качественные, из тонкой кожи или замши!) Адекватно ведут себя на любой поверхности, от очень скользкой до шершавой!) Огромный выбор расцветок, на любую фантазию!) Можно выбрать любую модель, цвет, комбинацию, высоту каблука и т.д. то есть придумать свои туфли на базе его моделей!) Первые 2 пары туфлей заказал 4 года назад, при ежедневном активном использовании до сих пор живы и хорошо себя чувствуют!) Ноги в них отдыхают, можно носить сутки напролет!) Пробовал хорошую, комфортную обувь других известных брендов, но после обуви Антонио, сшитой точно по ноге, из мягкой кожи, ничего другого уже не подходит!) Очень доволен!) Хочу заказать еще!) Антонио, спасибо за прекрасную, качественную и удобную обувь!)

Vyacheslav Fvv